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Welcome to DRF SuperSet Docs

drf-superset 🚀 is a simple boilerplate for the django framework that combines top plugins and adds an endpoint for authentication as well as other utilities.


This is a plugin that we use on our boilerplate.


  • JWT Authentication

    • /api/login - end point to get access token
    • /api/register - end point for registering new users
    • /api/account/confirm/{token} - end point to verify the user account
    • /api/forgot-password - endpoint for requesting a password reset
    • /api/reset-password/verify/{token} - end point to verify password reset token
    • /api/reset-password/{token} - endpoint to change the user's password
  • OpenAPI

  • RBAC
  • Utilities

    • Send an email with templates based on the templates/email directory
    • Fernet encryption (used for token creation)
  • Commands

    • user - To create a new user
    • role - To create a user role
    • permission - To create permissions for a user role